Our research in the Centre for Applied Behavioural Sciences (CABS) is grouped in three main themes:

Cognition, Brain and Behaviour

Our brains and cognitive abilities develop from childhood through to old age. Research within this theme explores those changes in healthy children and adults, as well as developmental conditions, dementia and stroke. Research spans from language to social cognition, including memory, motor control and body representation. A strong aspect of this theme is theoretically-informed translational interventions, making use of state-of-the-art multidisciplinary techniques such as robotics and virtual reality.

Lifespan Health and Wellbeing

Issues explored in psychology are inherently linked to wellbeing across the lifespan, affecting fields from education to health. Research in this theme explores health-promotion activities in children and adolescents, healthy ageing and mental health issues in developmental conditions.

Work, Society and Environment

Findings from psychology can impact people and society in a number of ways. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, research in this theme explores behaviour in the workplace, assessing risk in the environment, and interventions to improve workplace performance.

Research groups

Much of our research is conducted in the research labs and groups of our members. Explore those labs using the links below.