It is a requirement for all UG Psychology programme students (EXCEPT final year students) to earn research participation credits by using the Student Research Participation (StReP) system (0.5 credits = 15mins participation time, 1 credit = 30mins participation time etc).

Edinburgh and Malaysia campus: earn 4 credits in S1 and 4 credits in S2. 

Dubai campus: earn 6 credits across the academic year (i.e. S1 and S2). 

StReP applies to Psychology students who study at the Edinburgh, Dubai and Malaysia campuses. Students can only participate in studies for which they are eligible (see details in individual study outlines). If you transfer from one campus to another, please contact the local Psychology Technical Support to add you to the local StReP database.

Staff, final year UG Psychology programme students and PG Psychology students can use the StReP system to recruit participants. They must first contact the local Psychology Technical Support to register as researchers and be able to add their study onto StReP.

Please read the guidelines and the FAQs below carefully before you participate or add a study.

Guidelines for Participants.

FAQ for Participants

Guidelines for researchers.

FAQ for Researchers

You can also use the mobile app for Android and iOS to book slots for upcoming studies.

PLEASE NOTE: The password to login to StReP can be found in the first email you received when you were registered to StReP (search your inbox using the word “SONA” – without the quotation masks).
If you cannot find this email then visit the Login page and click on the “Forgot Password?” option.

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